dred scott - small clubs are dead

.:: San Francisco Bay Area keyboardist (musical director for acid jazz band Alphabet Soup) presents this work as a biting effigy to the dying club scene in America; he combines elements of straight-ahead jazz run through a blender of modern harmony & complex rhythmic.

''My first self-produced recording. It contains all original jazz music for piano trio and features two songs with Carlos Valdez on alto and Kenny Brooks on tenor. Joe Brigandi and Kenny Wollesen alternate on drums and Wilbur Krebs plays bass.'' Dred Scott.

.:: El tecladista y director musical de la banda de acid jazz Alphabet Soup, nos presenta este material que combina elementos de un jazz vanguardista, mezclado con ricas armonías y ritmos complejos.

download: dred scott - small clubs are dead


G said...

Is there any chance you could reupload this? been looking, but can't find it anywhere

indieground said...

sure...done !!!

now you can download this album again.

Ben said...

if you are liking the dred scott, go to dredscott.com where you can download more music for free. check out our weekly Tuesday night gig in New York City. Every Tuesday at Midnight at the Rockwood Music Hall (196 Allen st).

Hail satan!

indieground said...

thanx for the info !!!
i've already downloaded that album.

take it easy

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