nasum - shift

.:: There is no question that nasum is probably the most punishing and furious grindcore bands ever. since the release of "Inhale/Exhale", nasum has been torching the grind scene with an excellent mix of all out speed and slow, thick heaviness. with each release, Nasum kept getting better.

There can’t be a clear answer, which record of them could be the best, there’s no better or weaker album of the Swedes. This is Grindcore at its best and with a breathtaking perfectness. It’s impossible to name any check out tip, better you buy this ultra brutal masterpiece and listen to your own on highest volume. Then you will realize what NASUM have reached with “Shift”. It’s unmistakable, straight and uncompromising.

"Shift" was recorded without any fans knowing about it. With "Helvete" we really invited the fans into the studio with our detailed studio diary. This time we didn't even write on nasum.com that we had begun working on a new album and actually were recording it.

download: nasum - shift

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isis - sawblade (ep)

.:: According to wikipedia.org:

The Sawblade EP (also called the Buzzsaw EP) is a handmade CD-R made by Isis for their tour with Neurosis and Candiria, limited to 200 copies (the first 40 with red blade inserts, the remaining 160 with black). It was sold at these shows at a limit of 15 per night, and the leftover copies were given to friends of the band as a year-end "thank you" gift.

download: isis - sawblade (ep)

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tin hat trio - the rodeo eroded


.:: Like good musical ramblers, the Tin Hat Trio traveled around the world on their first two albums, Memory Is an Elephant and Helium. Theirs was a tango that could fill classical music's archways. A jazz that melded continents. With The Rodeo Eroded, the San Francisco-based threesome heads home. read on

download: tin hat trio - the rodeo eroded

eels - souljacker

.:: The Eels have stunned and astonished listeners through four albums, always taking it up a notch and putting themselves to the test, to re-create the band, and to offer up something new. They've always managed to do so and Souljacker is no exception.

Souljacker continues to explore the lives of the left-behind and the not-so-beautiful freaks, this time fully amplified to rock. Between the grooves of Souljacker it's hard to hear the masterpiece that the breathless overseas press has heralded, but E and his crew have put together another solid outing that touches on broader sonic and emotional vistas yet left to explore.

download: eels - souljacker

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fiona apple - tidal

.:: Fiona Apple demonstrates considerable talent on her debut album, Tidal. Her voice is surprisingly rich and supple for a teenager, and her jazzy, sophisticated piano playing also belies her age. Given the right material, such talents could have flourished, but she has concentrated on her own compositions, which are nowhere near as impressive as her musicianship…

Out of virtually nowhere, 19-year-old Fiona Apple established herself a visionary singer and songwriter with her 1996 debut album Tidal. With gems like 'Shadowboxer,' 'Criminal,' and 'Sleep to Dream,' the vocalist/pianist reaped critical and commercial success almost overnight. As aficionados found echoes in her songs of such legends as Nina Simone and Carole King, Apple found herself at the vanguard of contemporary pop. Released in July 1996, Tidal went gold in December and currently is certified triple platinum for sales of more than three million copies.

download: fiona apple - tidal

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dinosaur jr. - you're living all over me

.:: You’re Living All Over Me is Dinosaur’s second album and one that some claim to be the best guitar record ever waxed. Listening to it a few times in a row, as I’ve just done, one begins to appreciate how goddamn right that sounds.

Touring with Sonic Youth and on their own, Dinosaur slowly found an audience willing and able to penetrate their curtain. The band’s presence mixed savagery with lethargy in a wickedly captivating way. And Mascis’ effects-laden guitarwork was something of a revelation to a generation that had forsaken solos as old hat.

The Sonic Youth connection is actually quite heavy on You’re Living, too. Lee Ranaldo sings back-up, the bulk of the sessions were done with Sonic soundman Wharton Tiers, and, to cap it off, the tape of the finished album made its way to Sonic Youth’s then-label, SST. Gerard Cosloy has always felt that this was a personal kick in the teeth, but it made sense in the greater scheme of things. SST was as hot as tar right then, with Black Flag, the Minutemen, Meat Puppets, Husker Du, Sonic Youth and more.

The sound on You’re Living All Over Me is mesmerizing, both distant and close at the same time. And the guitar playing is fucking unearthly. The Ron Asheton cops on Dinosaur had given way to a much broader palette. On a song like ‘”Sludgefeast” the model seems to me something more along the lines of Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, and everyone should be able to admit – that’s a pretty nice line.

The album also features Barlow’s songwriting swansongs. And listening to “Poledo” it’s easy to understand why he devoted all of his songwriting focus to Sebadoh from this point on. But playing the album it is also easy to understand why it’s considered such a fucking monument. It is just about a perfect wobble into the hot ring of the o-mind, and you can’t ask for much more than that. -- text by Byron Coley

download: dinosaur jr. - you're living all over me

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bajofondo tango club - mar dulce

Categorizing and classifying contemporary music in this post-millennial world is very difficult and seems very subjective, primarily because rock music has dominated the scene for over five decades now, subcategorizing itself to include any new musical movement.

Rock is all about experimentation (or was supposed to be all about experimentation) and pushing the boundaries of what is considered mainstream and Bajofondo Tango Club knows it.

Producer (guitarrist and multi instrumenatlist) Gustavo Santaolalla along with Juan Campodonico, Luciano Supervielle, Javier Casalla, Martin Ferres, Veronica Loza, Adrian Sosa and Gabriel Casacuberta -and some international guests, including Elvis Costello, Nelly Furtado, Julieta Venegas and Gustavo Cerati- combine rock, tango, milonga, hip hop and electronic elements on the Bajofondo Tango Club latest album (Mar Dulce) and delivers strong interpretations of a dozen standards.

As "electro-folk" bands have become a dime a dozen it is always great to hear a band be as good as Bajofondo Tango Club at their own little niche of the genre. Important to Bajofondo Tango Club is the sophistication of their songs not the textural beauty and this is why they come off as a more intelligent and catchy version of groups like Gotan Project, Tanguetto and Tango Jointz.

pa' bailar - siempre quiero mas
fairly right

medeski scofield martin & wood - out louder

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.:: "Funky, infectious, brash and sometimes downright beautiful" is one way to describe Medeski Scofield Martin and Wood's second album, Out Louder. The groove-heavy trio is once again paired with guitar guru John Scofield for a mind-blowing improvisational album that continues to push their sound to new levels… read on

download: medeski scofield martin & wood - out louder

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shareonall.com is dead !!!!

hello everybody,

i've got bad news: Shareonall.com the host service used to upload the albums you found here it's pretty much dead, so I'm looking for new options… I've (re)uploaded some material on zshare and fileqube but I still dont know what's the best option.

suggestions are welcome and please be patient, eventually I'm going to repost all the albums I've uploaded on Shareonall… first Gigasize now Shareonall !!!


mugison - mugimama! is this monkey music?

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.:: Mugison (pronounced Moogieson) is a one-man band from Iceland. He plays abstract psychedelic melodies inter-twined with heart-wrenching lyrics and has been compared to Tom Waits, Beck, and Will Oldham. Find out what the Album Of The Year sounds like in a land that has spawned both Sigur Ros and Björk… read on

download: mugison - mugimama! is this monkey music?

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my brightest diamond - bring me the workhorse

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.:: My Brightest Diamond is Shara Worden, granddaughter of an Epiphone-playing traveling evangelist, fathered by a National Accordion Champion, and mothered by a church organist. Spanish tango, Sunday morning gospel, classical and jazz were the accompaniment to her home life. Her first song was recorded at age three and by age eight she was studying piano and performing in community musical productions… read on

download: my brightest diamond - bring me the workhorse

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oxomaxoma - sin boca con los ojos negros

.:: OXOMAXOMA might be one of the first mexican bands which dared cross beyond experimentation, using less orthodox instruments such as glass bottles and plastic toys, then even created a new music instrument called “trombatron”. They are a quartet formed by: José Álvarez (voice), Arturo Romo (sampling, trombatrón, drums and synth), Víctor Méndez (guitars) and Armando Velasco (keyboards and rhythm programming).

download: oxomaxoma - sin boca con los ojos negros
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