.:: The first indieground posted album ever was Tom Waits' Closing Time so I think it is a good choice to post, in this reborn time, one of my favorites Mr. Waits albums... I know, there's no review as I used to do some time ago. Well you have to understand, my last state of inactivity caused my metabolic-writing system failed but I promise it will get stronger... so here it is

download: tom waits - mule variations

call it: hiatus, coma, hibernation... it's over, indiegroud is back !!!

ok, it'd be a long long story to tell and maybe I will tell it later but for now what really matters today is that indieground is back.
after months and months of no activity in this blog many things have changed, first of all: blogs aren't the coolest thing on web (as I used to think some time ago) and maybe many people don't follow them. now we have facebook (I hate it), twitter (I dont hate nor love it), the new myspace (I still think it sucks) and all this social network hysteria...

anyway, for those who still look for good music and want to explore and feed their ears with new (maybe strange) dishes, indieground -once again- is back !!!
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