bajofondo tango club - mar dulce

Categorizing and classifying contemporary music in this post-millennial world is very difficult and seems very subjective, primarily because rock music has dominated the scene for over five decades now, subcategorizing itself to include any new musical movement.

Rock is all about experimentation (or was supposed to be all about experimentation) and pushing the boundaries of what is considered mainstream and Bajofondo Tango Club knows it.

Producer (guitarrist and multi instrumenatlist) Gustavo Santaolalla along with Juan Campodonico, Luciano Supervielle, Javier Casalla, Martin Ferres, Veronica Loza, Adrian Sosa and Gabriel Casacuberta -and some international guests, including Elvis Costello, Nelly Furtado, Julieta Venegas and Gustavo Cerati- combine rock, tango, milonga, hip hop and electronic elements on the Bajofondo Tango Club latest album (Mar Dulce) and delivers strong interpretations of a dozen standards.

As "electro-folk" bands have become a dime a dozen it is always great to hear a band be as good as Bajofondo Tango Club at their own little niche of the genre. Important to Bajofondo Tango Club is the sophistication of their songs not the textural beauty and this is why they come off as a more intelligent and catchy version of groups like Gotan Project, Tanguetto and Tango Jointz.

pa' bailar - siempre quiero mas
fairly right


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