nasum - shift

.:: There is no question that nasum is probably the most punishing and furious grindcore bands ever. since the release of "Inhale/Exhale", nasum has been torching the grind scene with an excellent mix of all out speed and slow, thick heaviness. with each release, Nasum kept getting better.

There can’t be a clear answer, which record of them could be the best, there’s no better or weaker album of the Swedes. This is Grindcore at its best and with a breathtaking perfectness. It’s impossible to name any check out tip, better you buy this ultra brutal masterpiece and listen to your own on highest volume. Then you will realize what NASUM have reached with “Shift”. It’s unmistakable, straight and uncompromising.

"Shift" was recorded without any fans knowing about it. With "Helvete" we really invited the fans into the studio with our detailed studio diary. This time we didn't even write on that we had begun working on a new album and actually were recording it.

download: nasum - shift



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