amiina - animamina (ep)

.:: Amiina are a quartet, that make fascinating music with a variety of instruments. All from Iceland, they are touring both as Sigur Rós' support act, and their string section, which means they have a lot more work than other support acts.

The first time Amiina released a record, the ‘animamina’ EP in December 2004, they were pretty much a group in concept alone, having previously played together only as a string quartet round their native Iceland and more latterly as Sigur Rós’s string section on their world tours. Amiina, the performing group, didn’t really come about until July 2005, with the four girls expanding their role with Sigur Ros to one of live opening act.

.:: Amina son cuatros amigas, Edda, Hildur, María Huld y Sólrún, que se conocieron al estudiar en el Colegio de Música de Reykiavik. Sigur Ros les dio el empujón necesario para bajar del Polo Norte al invitarlas no sólo a contribuir con la sección de cuerdas en sus grabaciones (ellas están entrenadas clásicamente), sino también a ser el acto telonero y acompañamiento de cuerdas de su propio acto en sus giras mundiales.

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