trois couleurs: bleu - zbigniew preisner (o.s.t.)

.:: Three Colors: Blue is the first part of Kieslowski's trilogy on France's national motto: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Blue is the story of Julie who loses her husband, an acclaimed European composer and her young daughter in a car accident. The film's theme of liberty is manifested in Julie's attempt to start life anew free of personal commitments, belongings grief and love. She intends to spiritually commit suicide by withdrawing from the world and live completely independently, anonymously and in solitude in the Parisian metropolis. Despite her intentions, people from her former and present life intrude with their own needs. However, the reality created by the people who need and care about her, a surprising discovery and the music around which the film revolves heals Julie and irresistably draws her back to the land of the living.

Blue is one of those little movies that grows on you. The more you think about it the more you like it. That's not to say that it's not enjoyable to view; the cinematography and music are marvelous. But this is Juliette Binoche's movie. Everything revolves around her character. Not traumatic, or depressing as the subject matter may imply it is instead subtle, graceful, and beautiful.

.:: Kieslowski conquista definitivamente Europa con este bello, lento e hipnótico poema visual, primera parte de su magistral triloglía sobre los colores y lemas de la bandera francesa. Julie pierde a su marido (un gran compositor) y a su única hija en un accidente de automóvil. Destrozada, decide comenzar una nueva vida de forma anónima e independiente, intentado librarse de todas las ataduras de su pasado, mudándose a un apartamento y deshaciéndose de todas sus anteriores pertenencias. Pero su pasado volverá cuando un periodista sospecha que ella es la autora de la obra de su difunto marido... La impresionante música de Preisner pone la banda sonora a este silencioso retrato del dolor reflejado en el suave y claro rostro de la Binoche.

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