coldworker - the contaminated void

.:: Sweden's COLDWORKER storms out of the gates with it's debut The Contaminated Void. Conceived and created by Anders Jakobson (of the legendary NASUM) and his hand-picked selection of burgeoning metal players, COLDWORKER's razor-sharp attack is destined to send shockwaves through the international extreme scene. The Contaminated Void's fourteen tracks swarm with equal parts crushing riffs, blazing speed, and menacing vocal onslaughts. Outrageously agile guitars balance melodic leads with relentless aggression. From start to finish, The Contaminated Void burns with a ferocity and intensity rarely seen in any genre of metal. Simply stated, COLDWORKER and The Contaminated Void is among the finest Scandinavian metal this side of the 21st century.

The untimely demise of vocalist/producer Mieszko Talarczyk in 2004’s tsunami disaster in SE Asia sent shockwaves throughout the entire international extreme music scene. Among his many contributions to this music, none stands prouder than his work with the best of the second-generation grindcore bands, NASUM: a group whose existence was cut-short by this tragedy. Almost two years later, in Mieszko’s indomitable spirit, the remaining members have begun to explore and pursue new projects and the first among these - COLDWORKER - will be releasing their debut album, The Contaminated Void, through Relapse Records this fall (in Europe, US release is slated for early ’07). The brainchild of drummer Anders Jakobson; COLDWORKER finds the skins-man joining forces with a group of younger, less-experienced musicians to form a fresh musical vision that begins with the scathing grind that was NASUM’s trademark but then combines it with elements of catchy Swedish death-metal and epic, chaotic hardcore to produce a sound and a fury unmatched by many current contenders in the international scene.

Of course, jumping right back into music was a cause for great turmoil for Jakobson and it wasn’t until January of 2006 that the drummer felt the urge to grind return. “2005 was a very dark year for me music-wise. I almost didn’t play at all. Probably six months passed before I even touched my drums. I had a constant feeling that my days being a musician were up because I didn’t see myself going anywhere near a new band or project.”

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