to what end? - the purpose beyond

.:: "Wow, talk about emotionally charged, To What End? Hit me hard with "The Purpose Beyond", their debut for Crimes Against Humanity. "The Purpose Beyond" brings forth 13 anthems of white-knuckle hardcore/punk fury with great melodic flourishes and an intense crust punk edge. From the very first song, To What End? make their multi-dimensional attack dangerously clear.

The excellent vocal tradeoffs (both male and female vox) are one of the band's most poignant weapons, as both vocalists shout the excellent, socially conscious lyrics in a truly heart-wrenching manner. These guys and gal are also masters of skillful tempo changes as the songs stop and turn on a dime, balancing between midpaced moments of melancholy to unbridled aggression.

This is an all around essential punk release with top notch production by Mieszko Talarzyck (Nasum, Genocide S.S.) and the usual quality packaging by Crimes Against Humanity. This is an excellent release and one I highly recommend to fans of Tragedy, Bread and Water, Remains of the Day, etc. "The Purpose Beyond" is emotional, uncompromising and unforgettable. Nothing more needs to be said."


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