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.:: This album is absolutely amazing and could shake the foundation of heavy music as we know it.

Chances are you're not going to like this record. Chances are you've never heard of grindcore and if you did hear it you would say something to the effect of "this is noise." Ignoring probability let's suppose that you, the reader, likes music that is loud. Perhaps you even like music that is filled with blast beats and screaming. And as far fetched as it is, the idea of a band trying something new isn't necessarily "artsy" and for "fraggles".

Any comparisons you've heard to The Locust I suggest ignoring. While both bands do play at very fast speeds and the vocals are done very harshly, the music itself is very different. The guitar players found chords that sound very eerie and slightly off. They aren't quite melodic, but they aren't random sounding. They will hold these and start playing them up and down the neck at weird speeds creating a sound that at times sounds like a deflating balloon or a soundtrack to an exponential graph. Sometimes they will begin playing at hyper speeds in a very technical manner, while other times it almost sounds like a breakdown engorged in horse tranquilizers that last no longer than seven seconds.

The first five seconds of this album create one of the best introductions to an album, one of the best of 2003 thus yet. Consistently throughout the whole album you are hit with a fierce eruption of electric insanity and rapid fire pregnancy. I just lied though, because the last track has a two minute breakdown, which ironically is the weirdest part of the album.

This album is also really good for pissing people off, especially when played at high volumes.

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