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.:: For songwriters, there is a fine line between being unabashed and being unguarded. The first state intimates awareness: that one knows how she is being perceived and consciously decides to ignore, for better or for worse, any external criticism. The other, more favorable state suggests that the songwriter is not conscious of how people take her work: the songwriter as inert artist, creating for the sake of creation. Though it is indeed a fine distinction, Julie Doiron is clearly in the latter camp. She demonstrates as much on her newest full-length record Goodnight Nobody, recorded with friends Herman Dune and Dave Draves in a few days at various studios in France and Canada.

Described frequently in the press as an "indie-diva" or "chanteuse" of the highest power, founding Eric’s Trip member Julie Doiron fits these well-intentioned approbations only in that she is a woman singer comfortable in her own skin. Doiron began her career in 1990s New Brunswick playing bass in Eric’s Trip, a folky, psychedelic band that was to become the undisputed underground darling of Canadian music. Eric’s Trip was the first of many maritime Canadians signed to Sub Pop and found international recognition, releasing several albums and touring widely.

Following 1996’s Purple Blue, Eric’s Trip announced their breakup and Doiron embarked on her solo career, first releasing songs as Broken Girl and then under her own name. Since then she has worked with a veritable "who’s who" of independent rock giants, including Dave Shouse (Grifters), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) and Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie, to name a few.

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