leafcutter john - the forest and the sea


.:: The forest and the sea tells the story of two people who become lost in a forest. As they try to find a way out, the sky darkens. By nightfall, they have strayed so deep that they have no choice but to spend the night with the forest and its inhabitants. When the morning finally comes our couple wake on a cliff top between the forest and the sea, and rather than go back through the forest they decide to take to the sea.

The Forest and The Sea is John's 4th full length album but his first release for Berlin based label Staubgold. It tells a true story of what becomes of two people lost in the forest. The compositions feature a dynamic hybrid of electronic and acoustic songs bound together by a meticulous narrative enriched by haunting vocals, acoustic guitar, and traditional Greek instrumentation. Field recordings were made in various locations in Greece, Sweden and the UK and are interwoven throughout the work. This album demonstrates John's consolidated approach towards songwriting, field recordings and processed electronics. A significant development from John’s earlier works, he manages to produce seamless and more importantly meaningful transitions between electronic and folk music.

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***amazing album***


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