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.:: One of the several reasons behind Minor Threat's demise was that Ian McKaye was sickened by the hardcore scene he'd helped to create. By 1983 it had become insufferably conformist. Even worse, it had also grown to be intensely violent. Even though in many ways the motivation was positive, the release of energy at hardcore shows often resulted in kids getting physically hurt. Ian felt extremely guilty and saddened over it.

When bemoaning this to HR of the Bad Brains, HR told him, "You started it." This is why Ian did Embrace. It was his attempt to undo the damage he perceived himself being responsible for. While Embrace didn't last long and crumbled an entire year before they released this album, Ian carried on his same sense of purpose in Fugazi in 1987, and he continues to this day.

.:: Faith and Minor Threat broke up within months of each other in 1983. During 1983/84 there was a general malaise in the Washington DC hardcore scene which saw a lot of the founding bands and scene makers move to the sidelines as shows became increasingly violent and the attitude became increasingly mainstream.

In the summer of '85 there was renewed spirit in DC, often referred to as "Revolution Summer," This "Revolution Summer" included a handful of bands who preferred smaller more intimate venues and focused on a more personal and introspective interpretation of punk rock. Embrace was part of this renewal.

They were formed by ex-Minor Threat member Ian MacKaye and three of the former members of Faith. The band played shows from the summer of 85 until the Spring of 1986. This album was origionally released on LP in 1987 and on CD/Cassette around 1990.

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