keiji haino, greg cohen, joey baron - an unclear trial: more than this

.:: Keiji Haino is a Japanese guitarist of awesome reputation in the arena of blasting electric freeform psychedelic improvisation. Here he turns down the levels and joins ace downtown rhythm section Greg Cohen and Joey Baron in a more introspective set.

The hierarchy of lead instrument and accompaniment is obliterated as guitar, bass and percussion embark on an intimate three-way conversation. And do they ever have a lot to say, at first tentatively feeling one another out until they fairly (but quietly) swing on the last two numbers. Central to the success of this disc is the half-hour long third track, "Never Did I Imagine That There Exists an Eight Layered Handicap".

Haino, Cohen and Baron circle around one another searchingly, finding common ground and inhabiting it for a while, before slowly extracting themselves from it, looking off in different directions while keeping close watch on each other, before reuniting in yet another groove. An album of supple improvisational skill. Partisans say we may never hear Haino like this again, so take advantage of the opportunity.

.:: Haino Keiji, enigmatic noise troubadour from Tokyo, has exploded on the American/European scene, enthralling both experimental enthusiasts and alternative rock fans. He has performed with artists including John Zorn, Thurston Moore, Gate, and Loren Mazzacane as well as his own group, Fushitsusha. Haino has been cited as a favorite guitarist by peers ranging from Thurston Moore to Fred Frith. --

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