jimmy page & the black crowes - live at the greek

.:: Jimmy Page, one of rock music's greatest guitarists combined with The Black Crowes, one of today's best live bands, delivers ripping Zep classics.

Recorded in October 1999, this double-disc slab will certainly stick to your ribs, chock-full as it is of burly, brawny riffs, and it is as flavorful as it is filling. Without question, the pairing of Page and the Crowes sounds as strong on your player as it does on paper.

Page's playing is more focused and incisive than it has been of late, the Crowes sound energized and inspired by the esteemed guest, and Chris Robinson makes a fine Robert Plant. The Zep covers, which account for 14 of the 20 tracks, stay close to the original arrangements--you can sing along most of the way based on your knowledge of the Zep studio albums.

Zeppelin fans are going to go three ways on "Jimmy Page [ tickets ] and the Black Crowes Live at the Greek": those who want anything that smoking Jimmy lays his axe to; those who heard that these two October 1999 shows were the best thing in rock since medical marijuana and want to hear what it was all about, finally; and that little group of naysayers who just might be onto something when they say, "Why not just listen to the original Zeppelin albums?"

Track by track, there's plenty of screaming soloing by Page, who blasts out his devil-take-the-hindmost blues on "Woke Up This Morning," works the slide soulfully on the rocking "In My Time of Dying," and cuts himself a nice slice of the wah-wah pie on "Ten Years Gone," one of the more interesting Zeppelin tunes that the Crowes homed in on.


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