kayo dot - blue lambency downward

.:: Multi-instrumentalists Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya lull you into a dream state with a small cavalcade of instrumentation, plying an almost noir sensibility at once moody and contemplative, bristling and demure. An unclassifiable masterpiece.

Sounding somewhere between the avant garde lounge music of groups like Pram or Tom Waits and the progressive New York scene that has embraced groups like Time of Orchids and Colin Mastron's slew of project Kayo Dot have skillfully traded their rigid sense of dynamic build-ups for the more ambient and psychedelic side of "Dowsing".

It seems if one thing is clear with "Blue Lambency Downward" it is that Driver will finally be able to shrug off the shadow that his previous band, maudlin of the Well has cast on his career thus far. The album is devoid of any "metal" sections and instead of using heavier sections as the basis of the sound the group has decided to flirt with their more melodic side.

.:: For an initial impression it’s a good place to start, but any attempts to lump Kayo Dot in with some of the more fashionable acts peddling experimental music at the moment would be a mistake.

The ethereal guitar chords and chant-like vocals on opener ‘Blue Lambency Downward’ are far more indebted to vintage Italian horror soundtracks and the prog-rock of King Crimson than anything put out by the current Brooklynite noise brigade.
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