elvatorium - message from the black sun constellation

.:: Elvatorium is a collaboration between Tom Maggio from USA and Radek Kordasiewicz from Poland. They continue their collaborative work since late 2006. Elvatorium's first album "At Border Of Disorder" (recorded with guest saxophonist Janusz Kruszelnicki) has been released through Amduscias Records netlabel in september 2007. This year sees the duo working with guests Troy Southgate (of H.E.R.R.) on vocals and again Janusz Kruszelnicki on the saxophone.

"Message From The Black Sun Constellation", which is the second release from Elvatorium, continues the mood of their debut album. The bottom line of all compositions is still the combination of Tom Maggio's dark ambience and Radek Kordasiewicz's gothic-like harmonies, both prepared with various sets of digital tools. The infinite and cold landscapes are perfect place for Janusz Kruszelnicki's saxophone explorations, making his second outing with Elvatorium.

Above it all, deep and shady voice of Troy Southgate brings the lyrics written by Radek. With such combination they invite the listener to the world of hidden and dangerous truth of symbols, thoughts and feelings with roots in all of the past human history. Feel invited. words: elvatorium's web page.

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