the red chord - fused together in revolving doors

.:: The jaw-dropping first release from Boston's newest kings of extreme music. Spanning all facets of death metal, hardcore and grind, The Red Chord play a radically unique form of heavy music. Masterful experimentation is displayed on this impressive introduction, with tempos ranging from breakneck speed to all out pummeling breakdowns. Plenty of fret board picking, double bass, blasts and sick drum fills to please all the metal heads, along with some of the most brutal mosh parts ever captured on magnetic tape, destined to ignite the pit dwellers into a frenzy. The production on this is beyond top notch, making this the debut to end all debuts.

Containing members of Beyond the Sixth Seal, The Red Chord are a band from Revere, MA (Massachusetts) that play a mixture of technical death metal, grindcore, and metalcore. The band is known for its spastic rhythms similar to that of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cryptopsy and Mastodon. Vocalist Guy Kozowyk runs the label Blackmarket Activities, home to bands such as Animosity,From A Second Story Window, Deadwater Drowning, Behold... the Arctopus, and Ed Gein.

The band's first album, Fused Together In Revolving Doors, saw much success in the underground metal community with songs such as "Nihilist" and "Sixteen Bit Fingerprint." One of the band's most popular songs, "Dreaming in Dog Years," was also released on this album.

The title of this album is a reference to the 1942 Cocoanut Grove Nightclub fire in Boston, MA, the deadliest nightclub fire in American history.

.:: Formados hace cinco años en la localidad de Revere, Massachusetts, The Red Chord es, a día de hoy, uno de los más reputados grupos de Grindcore del panorama internacional. Su anterior disco, “Fused Together In Revolving Doors”, vendió la friolera de 25.000 copias y les proporcionó la oportunidad de ofrecer más de 400 conciertos en 14 países. Las cifras son incontestables: estamos ante un verdadero fenómeno underground que ha logrado en menos de un lustro recibir el elogio unánime de público y crítica.

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