hello everybody !!!

it's been a long time...
i know, i promised i would be back blogging and posting new albums and stuff but, believe me, work demands a lots of time.

anyway, i'll keep doing my best. i'll keep posting and re-posting as much albums as i can, ok. so please keep in touch and drop me some messages about broken links, comments or whatever you want to express.

by the way, some bloggers have been taking some links from this blog, which is ok and it helps to keep the link alive but please give this blog some credit AND please say thanx... i know, i'm always bitching about being thankful. but hey!!!, when you find a great album after a long time looking for it / or when you download an album just to find you have been wasting a lot of time with the same stupid music and this album changes your life... you feel happy about it, right? at least i feel that way when it happens to me.

so, in the future, a password will be required for all the posts, starting now (with these great albums). nothing complicated or confusing, dont worry about it.

pass: indie-ground.blogspot.com

bye for now / good luck

thanx guys !!!


More Better Jazz said...

Hi ... and thx a lot for posting!

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