schizm - in the sleep of death

.:: Since their first backyard show in the late 96, Schizm has played every club and backyard in the greater Los Angeles area sharing the stage with such acts as Youth Brigade, Union 13, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Nerve Agents as well as international acts like 2minutos, and Tijuana No.

From their different musical backgrounds the four piece consisting of Abraham Muñoz on guitar, Rene Delatorre also on guitar, Baltazar Rodriguez (Union 13) on bass & Vocals, and Arturo Ramirez on drums, they were able to combine their talents and produce their own aggressive approach to the hardcore/punk scene. Their loyal underground following lead to the success of their first EP. "Where Is Our Savior??" that was released in 2000.

With the combination of angst written lyrics focusing on their dissatisfaction of the world around them, sung over aggressive guitar riffs and a fast and driving rhythm section, their first release seemed to hit home for a lot of fans. With help from their long time friends Union 13, Schizm was given the opportunity to open up on a northern California tour. Schizm also headed south of the border where the Mexican punk scene seemed to embrace their music and energetic live delivery.

After numerous shows and an introduction of many different musical influences, Schizm returned to the studio to begin working on their strongest release to date, "In The Sleep Of Death". With the lyrical content focusing mostly on their individual struggles and the music combining both more melodic undertones and still managing to stay as aggressive as ever, the new record is both a personal triumph as well as a bookmark to the place in life were the members stand.

With the introduction of guitarist Omar Hernandez and drummer Manuel Limon, Schizm was now ready to broaden their fan base by heading south of the border and embarking on a complete Mexico tour. .

Abraham Muñoz : Guitar, Vocals
Baltazar Rodriguez : Vocals, Bass (Union 13)(a friend of mine by the way)
Manuel Limon : Drums
Omar Hernandez : Guitar, Vocals

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